Liza & Duncan…the day after

You may have seen Liza and Duncans wedding post i recently blogged. Well here are some pics of the day after. Imagine a gloriously warm morning starting off with swims and champagne at the dam, surrounded by majestic scenery. Tomato cocktails and taxi trips back to the farm. Warm toasted sandwiches oozing with melted cheese served on arrival. More swims, toe tapping shoulder wagging live music by talented musicians, sparkling wine, a medley of good food eaten under grape vines and brollies, a watermelon bomb full of vodka and all around you the joyful sound of friends and family… Liza and Duncs you spoilt us all. Thank you for these beautiful memories and an incredible weekend. Love you guys.

Liza & Duncan

I fell in love with this precious couple nine years ago when i went to Mallorca to work in the yachting industry. Liza and i briefly shared a tiny apartment while we looked for jobs, and it was during this time that Liza met the gorgeous Duncan. I remember a beaming Liza buzzing around the apartment one afternoon, a big smile brewing on her lips as she conjured up a culinary feast. Duncs was coming for dinner .. and the rest is history.

Although our paths have only crossed a few times since then, i hold a very special place in my heart for these guys. Their zeal for life, love, friendship and family is what brings people from all over the world to be near to them, no matter how much time passes.

Your wedding was sensational friends, you sure know how to throw an incredible party. thank you for the honour of asking me to document it. May your beautiful union be as festive, colourful and full of glorious surprises like your wedding day was.

Baby Jamie DeBeer

I have known the DeBeer family since i was a teenie babe myself. Ryan (Jaimie’s dad) and i were Mary and Joseph in the pre school nativity play, and our moms have been friends since as long as i can remember. So awesome to document this special time, Ryan, his beautiful Lisa and their precious babes.

Flo and Sarah

When i met Sarah i thought she couldn’t get any more awesome .. and then i met her other half.
Im a sucker for love, and altho i am always wrapped up in emotion on a wedding day, i found myself pretty misty eyed when Francois did his speech to his beautiful Sarah. It was such an honour to document your special day and your love for each other. Thank you for sharing your magic.

Sarah and Flo got made their promise to each other at Highbury Chapel in Hillcrest. They both got ready at, and celebrated their vows at the stunning Camp Orchards.

Cieran & Tracy

Cieran and Tracy are those incredible souls who you can tell anything to, ask anything of, and will do anything for.
I have known Cieran since my early twenties and got to meet his incredible Tracy two years ago. We live a few houses apart and our weeks and dinners and coffee breaks soon entwined into each others. Spending just a moment with these guys puts a big smile on our hearts…it was a year after Tracy and i had met that we actually found out that we were related. Our dads are cousins and we share the same great grandparents. Jackpot!! A true friend and relative all rolled into one.

Tracy and Cieran made their vows to each other at the Orchid House in Ballito. What an honour to document your glorious day and what a great privilege to do life with you guys. We love you both so much.